Trip Hazard Specialist

Safety Survey & Inspection

We offer a free Safety Survey & Inspection to help you determine what is needed.

Annual Reviews

We schedule annual return visits to survey and price any new areas that may have appeared. Annual Reviews help insure that the property is maintained as trip hazard free.


Concrete Grinding. Concrete Grinding is the least expensive, most effective way to remove trip and fall hazards. Generally it is 1/10 of the cost of repair. Save 10% to 15% on your general liability insurance. Call today for a free property Safety Survey.

Concrete Remove & Replace. Pricing for removing high or uneven concrete is usually quoted by square foot, or how much cubic feet of concrete will be removed. Prices range widely depending on the scope of the project and the amount of concrete to be removed.

Concrete Repair & Patch. Instead of removing and replacing, Repair & Patch is a cost effective method to repair cracks. With this method cracks are opened up, injected with Sika 1a flush to surface of the concrete. This material gives up to 35%. Prices range depending on the scope of the project. Call today for a free quote.


Safety Survey & Inspection
  • - Free Safety Survey
  • - Determines Trip & Fall Hazards
  • - Save on Expensive Litigation
  • - ADA Compliant
  • - Save on Liability Insurance

Values & Philosophy
  • - Personal Approach
  • - Core Values for Company Standards
  • - Lasting Customer Relationships
  • - Superior Quality of Service
  • - Build Strong Business Relationships
  • - Professional Work

Clean & Respectful
  • - Quick & Respectful on Property
  • - No Airborne Dust
  • - Ground Concrete Sweep & Removed
  • - Noise Level comparable to Leaf Blower
  • - Professional Clean Appearance
  • - Lasting Relationships with Customers

Concrete Grinding
  • - Quick & Easy, Repair in Minutes
  • - Removes Sidewalk Trip Hazard
  • - Dust Free Removal
  • - Equipment fits in tight spaces
  • - Permanent Repair in most cases
  • - 1/10 of Cost to Replace
  • - Smooth, Non-slip Surface
  • - Non-intrusive to Trees